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by Sonic The Comic

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Get Out! 02:13
get out! get out of the building! we've got to get get out and we've gotta do something, because my bones are breaking in these four walls get out! get out of the building! we've got to get get out and we've gotta do something because my brain has frozen solid and it can’t kickstart we've got places that we want to go and what's the point if we feel too tired? maybe the way we spend our time needs to be reviewed maybe we need to cut these wires get out! get out of the building! we've got to get get out and we've gotta do something because my face is melting off and i need to put it back on get out! get out of the building! we've got to get get out and we've gotta do something because i need some common sense, and there's none to find here.
Hibernate 02:38
spending a good percentage of my life, just scrolling away, let's just get away from this - maps & wires & sounds & like 3 screens at least at all times and all written down in pixels when the winter ends, maybe we'll melt away with memories of broken strings & dropped laptops when the winter ends, maybe we'll melt away & when the phone starts to ring, maybe we should hibernate I have a problem with the fact that time is moving faster nowadays I used to be able to get something done but now the days are short & I'm just left here wasting time trying to figure out if there's a name for this
I can't make conversation while the music's playing, My mind gets taken over by the sounds. Just take a deep breath and stare at the ceiling, Start the next track and sing it with feeling. Start it all over again, Hit continue and then, Take a breath when you figure it out and we talk too fast and we think too much and it's obvious that we'll turn to dust without saying the things that we're meant to say without making the things that we're meant to make And I get all my best ideas In a single month of the year And maybe all my inspiration now comes from that frustration.
Videogames 03:18
I'm really good at watching TV but when I'm staring at that abyss does it actually watch me? I start so many things that I don't finish, and this tiny voice screaming "I should probably do this" There are atoms in my eyes from all these arcane secrets but I'm lacking motivation from trying to keep it (that way) There are atoms in my eyes from all these arcane secrets I just want to play videogames I mean,Real life is pretty okay, but the closest thing to trophies is a list of things to do everyday Maybe I threw the manual away, because there are so many situations that I don't know how to play.
fell asleep in the evening, could have sworn it was morning it might be an idea, to get those fabled eight hours, but where's the fun in that? Just stay up with the fear I will get to sleep, we will get some sleep work through to the holidays, but they're month away, cross off the day until you forget, just keep getting tireder, lose the energy for fun, just cross your heart and hope for the somedays dream of the days when, the mornings never end and the alarms never set, and you can forget the stress, drink in the sunshine, just reset and refresh
my eyes are blurry from less than six hours of sleep and I tried to get early nights but they're not for me I will be forever tired, getting home in the dark, no tangles in wires, no runs in the park it's such a long, long time to wait it's such a long, long, long time and I am destroyed, falling asleep after work (*originally after food, I sang the wrong lyric ha) but I know I've got all these things I should try to do I am empty batteries and the charger's broke I am the wrong punchline to a terrible joke repeat after me, it's not as bad as it seems we're just talking about dreams we could be better than that oh we could be better than that it's a long, long time to wait for the summer it's a long, long time to wait to get home
i used to stay indoors on summer holidays and all i wanted to do was play my gameboy sitting in the shade. What could the hot weather give me that wasn't Link's Awakening and AAA batteries? I remember beating dungeons and getting tips from magazines. I remember collecting instruments, No matter how difficult the bosses seemed. The days flew by, and I lost track of time, Collecting things I didn't understand, At the time, It was an adventure and it was mine. It was the first Zelda game I ever played, and Zelda wasn't even in it! It was the second or third game I ever completed - though I needed guidance to win it. I didn't have the patience to get the money for the bow, So i stole it, and the shopkeeper would never let it go.
Scrabbling 03:38
i long for the clarity, that comes from having focus, when i get motivated i can be really unstoppable. but I never seem to find the time to learn the things I want to, like all those tutorials on coding that I never got through. like all these books that I haven't read I'm very good at playing games instead I just don't know how to make the most of my time but maybe nobody knows, maybe that's fine we're all scrabbling around in the dark maybe noone knows what they're doing? and what can i say that I’ve achieved so far this year? A closer bond with my cats, a cuter image and some great ideas. finding a new cycle route won’t get me rewards. seventy percent completion on this game needs no applause we're all scrabbling around in the dark, maybe no-one knows what they're doing?...but maybe they do, maybe it's just me, being an idiot, trying to figure it all out in my late-twenties. Maybe these things just take time.
As we watch the sun disappear, somewhere into Cannon Hill Park. It's been the brightest day of Winter so far. it's been dark forever, it'll be freezing for another few months, and our heating bill will be ridiculous. You've spent the afternoon drawing and planning future holidays.We need to save money for everything. I've spent my time writing songs and watching old wrestling pay per views and now I'll spend the evening playing Dragon Age We waste our time on anything possible We waste our time real wellWe waste our time on drawing things and the stupid things we yell i am wrapped up in blankets and i'm not coming out, gonna watch the rest of this series, i'll complete it and nothing else and thats okay because it's Sunday and I want to sleep it away I'm excused from feeling guility today
My body is a temple and it's crumbling from within. I want to build something better than we both could live in. I want to live forever and I want to ride my bike. i just want to be endless and I don't want to die. And even though it's freezing cold we should probably go outside But approaching the front door all I want to do is hide Hey, no pressure, we could be much better, Try to do everything before we die & Hey, no pressure, we can try to be better. Try to go everywhere before we close our eyes. So let's just leave everything to the summer, It can wait 'til we put our jumpers away. Winter is for hibernating, So let's just set the alarms today. And we know it's freezing old but we refuse to go outside. We can barricade the front door, and stay by each other's side
i can stare out of windows and daydream the day away, so that I can stare at the stars that end up turning out to be planes. i can make todo lists all day that will only ever expand and grow. i can spend my time being productive and making things but eventually my mind just halts and i lose track of having things to say i don't write down half of my best ideas i get this ringing in my ears when i stand too close to speakers. it makes everything hazy for the next 12 hours, it makes everything hazy for ages. I feel forever busy while never crossing anything off my to do list, I can't go outside today, I can't reply to your messages until ink scratches the surface of this page, I can't and I won't see anyone until later I feel like i'm spending my time wrong but I feel the need to finish everything off this list before I am gone. i just don't know how long i am going to last.


Atoms is our new album, and is ten tracks about videogames and feeling tired all the time. It was written and recorded over February and March this year, and we're pretty proud of it.

We're releasing it as a limited edition cassette, and also as a tshirt. We've never made tshirts before, this is pretty exciting!

We also made a music video for Videogames, and you can see that at www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTvFLKQSMrw


released May 4, 2015

Music by Stef
Words by Stef and Sarah
Artwork drawn by Sarah and shuffled about a bit by Stef


all rights reserved



Sonic The Comic Birmingham, UK


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